VE Encounter

I was running a bit late for lunch today so I decided a quick hamburger at Hardees was in order. As usual, I had my current book with me, and planned to read a couple of chapters while I ate. When I take my book into fast food places, especially around here, I tend to … Continue reading VE Encounter

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat?

Tom, I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve gained so much weight! I didn’t recognize you, either. You’re so old and decrepid now. At least, that’s what I wanted to say.

What a Revelation!

So what’s that you’re reading today? Oh, it’s just some science fiction novel I picked up on the bargain table. Me, too.  It’s called Revuhlations. (Holds up book entitled Revelations Unyielding.) You know, the End Times, they’s coming, and it’s gonna be bad. I wonder if she knows that she just called the Book of … Continue reading What a Revelation!

Delayed Math Skills

The following is an amalgam of actual phone calls received at our district office this morning… We’re on a two hour delay, right?  What, exactly does that mean? Just add two hours to the start time.  If my child’s school starts at 7:45, do I bring him at 10:00 or at 9:45? 9:45  Well, what … Continue reading Delayed Math Skills

Unusual Quotes during Football

Normally, conversation while watching a football game doesn’t involve discussion of chemistry.  Laura mentioned her discovery of, which prompted him to relay the tale of this e-mail he received while at Harvard… Dear Dr. Goess: My roommate had the chemical structure of her antidepressants tattooed on her ankle. She didn’t have the atoms labeled … Continue reading Unusual Quotes during Football

That’s t-r-i

Santa brought me a new tripod for Christmas Cool!  How many gigs does it have?  Does it play video? Sigh. 

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