Whale Watching

In the 1980’s in South Carolina there was a really hot band called The Killer Whales. This power trio turned out originals with tight funky riffs that still sound great, and could easily blow away any of the alternative drek being churned out today.  It’s a strange twist of fate that their compadres from the … Continue reading Whale Watching

Happy Mother’s Day! Another busy, but beautiful weekend — rehearsals Friday night, Saturday morning, and a performance Saturday night occupied most of my weekend.  The music finally came together for the performance.  There were only a few glaring mistakes.  Edvard Tchzival is fun to watch from this side of the stage. I wonder if he … Continue reading

Get bit…

I went to see Bob’s band, The Copperheads for the first time last night. They were playing at a little place in Spartanburg called the Guitar Bar. It also turned out to be a birthday celebration for Roxanne. While Bob was onstage playing blues and cover tunes, Roxanne had her own floor show going, greeting … Continue reading Get bit…

Peter Yarrow

What a week. It started Monday by spending the evening with a musical legend. We went to a benefit for Max and Trudy Heller, at which Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary, performed. The word “concert” could only loosely be applied here. The music was moving only because of its history and in the … Continue reading Peter Yarrow