Fourth Finale

Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! …and thus the familiar Easter refrain brought to a close my six-month tenure at Fourth Presbyterian.  It was a bit weird, and has been highly awkward.  Several times over the last couple of weeks there have been announcements about the new director that has been hired, but … Continue reading Fourth Finale

Hand Clapping

While at Beidler Forest I heard a familiar sound I had not heard in awhile – a rhythmic hand clapping pattern clapped as one-two-three-and-four.  This is used to get a class’s attention, and the kids the repeat the pattern back to you. I learned this trick when I was teaching music.  It was a good … Continue reading Hand Clapping


I have finally delved into the world of Podcasting. No, don’t expect a feed from here anytime soon. I’ve just gotten started looking at various subscriptions. Right now I’m probably oversubscribed – kind of like the early heady days of e-mail when you would subscribe to a ton of distribution lists, only later to regret … Continue reading Quodlibet

Ash Wednesday

I began this Lenten season with the sin of pride.  Having missed Mardi Gras by spending it all day at a hospital with my father, I figured I was entitled to at least some leeway on Ash Wednesday. Fourth Presbyterian had a service this evening with Communion and the imposition of the ashes.  During the … Continue reading Ash Wednesday

Liebeslieder Ludicrous

I had actually typed this up and meant to post it Sunday, but never got around to it.  Oh well… I love choral music.  My preference is for smaller, intimate pieces, rather than the large orchestral works such as Mozart Requiem, Mendelssohn "Elijah", etc.  I like doing the larger works, but nothing brings out the … Continue reading Liebeslieder Ludicrous

Rock Me Amadeus

Happy 250th Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! There have been many commemorations today, starting with Mozart’s Mass in C on XM Vox, and ending with several segments analyzing his music on NPR’s All Things Considered.  The Greenville Symphony has plans for an all-Mozart concert Saturday evening. While I didn’t rush home and play several Mozart sonatas … Continue reading Rock Me Amadeus

The Single Dilemma

I think I’m finally getting my digital music library straightened out.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like iTunes, but it’s growing on me, and I’m finding ways to organize my nearly 60 GB of audio files.  Many of those files are duplicates, and though they are contained on one shared drive, they are … Continue reading The Single Dilemma

The Hidden Choir

When I first started working at First Presbyterian in Laurens I was single.   As is typical for someone of that age, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends in Greenville.  Sometimes we would have some late Saturday nights, so I would crash at my sister’s house and get up early enough on Sunday to make … Continue reading The Hidden Choir

Advent Antonym

I really blew it this morning. The morning’s scripture was from the Book of Mark. And they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great glory….Watch, therefore – for you do not know when the master of the house wil come, in the evening, or at midnighht, or at cockcrow, or in … Continue reading Advent Antonym

Thursday is the New Friday

…at least, in a relative sense.  I haven’t dropped to a four-day week – quite the contrary.  With Chorale rehearsals Monday night, church staff meetings and planning Tuesday night, and choir rehearsal Wednesday night, I’ve started looking forward to obligation-free Thursday evenings. Last night I think I finally got beyond the choir’s comfort level and … Continue reading Thursday is the New Friday