What a day it’s been!

The day first started with a round of disc golf with John and Richard at Holmes Park.  I made a hole-in-one on the second tee.  I had some other incredible shots, but had an equal share of really crappy shots, too. Laura reminded me that “Whad’Ya Know” was broadcasting from Clemson today.  I had wanted … Continue reading What a day it’s been!

Sometimes going on vacation does more harm than good, or, at least, plants evil seeds of dissatisfaction and desire.  I now want a boat.  Not a kayak or other paddling thing, but something with a motor.  It doesn’t have to be a yacht, but I want something large enough to be comfortable, powerful enough to … Continue reading

How does one misplace an entire season?  From Halloween to New Year’s and then some seems to be gone — one blur of activity, then illness, then celebration, then a new era is upon us.  The missing time also coincides with the time that Laura’s mother was with us.  I mean to draw no parallels … Continue reading

Halloween – booo!

Hard to believe another month has come and gone.  I somehow managed to forget Mom’s birthday last Friday during all the homecoming stuff.  Oh well.  I called to beg forgiveness.  I don’t think she will disown me. We got a major surprise on Monday.  Our superintendent, Sid Crumpton, announced that he is retiring effective December 31.  … Continue reading Halloween – booo!

Furman 20th

My how quickly the years have passed… This weekend was my 20th reunion at Furman.  I had lots of conflicting thoughts as to how I wanted to spend the weekend.  Should I spend the 100 bucks for reunion dinner at the Commerce Club with people I may or may not want to see, or do … Continue reading Furman 20th

It’s September.

I haven’t even gotten all the leaves from last fall raked, and the new deluge has started. The change in season also means that it’s football time. We had our first home game against Elon on Saturday. This is the earliest game on record, partly since Labor Day is as early as it can get. … Continue reading It’s September.

Eight weeks…

In the mainstream denominations, I guess I am now what’s refered to as one of the “unchurched,” although I think that’s a euphanism for what evangelical churches call “unsaved.” I hardly count myself in either group. The morning was cool and breezy for a change, which made the weekend routine of yard work much more … Continue reading Eight weeks…

Seven weeks

Seven weeks without organized religion – the only thing that comes remotely close is the time I spent in Europe. Even then I was in and out of historical cathedrals. This time I haven’t even darkened a church door. We actually had a good reason to miss church this morning – a command performance, as … Continue reading Seven weeks

A week of Mondays

School started back this week with a vengeance. I didn’t know how much I would despise wearing neck ties after having not worn one for the past however many weeks. The district’s opening ceremonies were uplifting, inspiring, and generally the best I’ve seen yet. However, between this nasty worm virus and the computers crashing at … Continue reading A week of Mondays