Just Another Day in Paradise

Ongoing issues with Laura’s mom’s Alzheimer’s care meant a sudden trip to Florida. Laura caught an immediate flight on Friday, but it was a concert weekend for me. So Monday morning I loaded up the car with cameras, computers, paddling gear, and musical instruments, and headed down. Here’s what happened Tuesday…

Checking out the Doodle Trail

It was a beautiful day and I decided I needed to be outside. While I’ve done lots of paddling lately, I have done very little pedaling, so I decided to take my bike over to Pickens and check out the Doodle Trail.

Doing Some Maintenance

Doing a bit of Spring Cleaning around here at RandomConnections. Actually, it’s more of a case of the house collapsing around you, then needing to clean things up. Regardless, it gives me an opportunity to work on a few things. The fun started with a simple update of one of the site’s plugins. For whatever … Continue reading Doing Some Maintenance

Writer’s Block, again

Call it writer’s block, winter blahs, or post-inauguration depression, but for whatever reason I’ve just not felt like blogging. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing interesting things, each worthy of their own post. It’s just that I haven’t been able to muster the energy to do in-depth research or document our adventures. However, on … Continue reading Writer’s Block, again

RandomConnections 2017 Calendar

It’s time once again for the RandomConnections Calendar. This is the tenth year that I’ve been creating calendars for friends and family using photos I’ve taken from the previous year (and beyond.) As usual, I like to recap the photos included on the calendar and give a bit of the background behind each one.

2016 Holiday Wrap-Up

The holidays are always a whirlwind, and this year was no different. As has been our custom for the last several years, we spent most of the time in Florida. Quite a bit has happened over the past couple of weeks, so I’ll just do a quick summary.