Well, the world got really weird all of the sudden. I thought with all of this lockdown and virus I’d be able to catch up on blogging. Didn’t happen. I’m still here, but between the anxiety, depression, and learning to cope with a new reality I just haven’t been able to write. I have a … Continue reading Surviving

COVID-19 Update

Scary times. Never can I remember schools being shut down world-wide for a contagion. Toss in a divided populace and you’ve got total chaos. I’m getting tired of the phrase, “…out of an abundance of caution…” but I understand the science behind social distancing and precautions. Others think it’s just some sort of political ploy. … Continue reading COVID-19 Update

The Oeland Churches

For many years I was music director at McCarter Presbyterian Church here in Greenville. McCarter is a small church located prominently at the intersection of Pelham Road and East North Street, a spot it has occupied for the past 123 years. It seemed a unique little church in the bustle of a major neighborhood that somehow managed to survive.
But then I found out that it wasn’t unique. Continue reading The Oeland Churches

20 Albums

I usually don’t go in for Facebook memes or games. My friend J. Todd Settle tagged me in one recently and I gave it some serious thought. The idea is to post twenty albums that had some influence over you. According to the rules you’re supposed to post one album per day, then tag someone else to annoy each day. I just don’t do that sort of stuff, but I do like the idea of reflecting on the music that played a part in your life. So, rather than annoy friends on Facebook, I’m going to post the whole kit and caboodle here. Sorry, Todd. I’ve always been an iconoclast. Continue reading 20 Albums

Blog Procrastination

It’s strange how procrastination operates, especially when blogging. I like to keep things as current as possible, but sometimes I get behind. That’s when a vicious cycle kicks in. I feel like I can’t write about new things until I’ve covered some of the events I’ve missed, then I get to a point where the backlog seems insurmountable. At that point procrastination becomes stagnation. Continue reading Blog Procrastination

Murder, Etc.

Just a word of advertisement here… Fellow blogger and online friend Brad Willis has put together an amazing podcast. In 1975 narcotics detective Frank Looper was murdered. Charles Wakefield, Jr. was charged with the crime, and his arrest warrant listed the charges as “Murder, etc.“ Brad’s story is intriguing and is of a quality on … Continue reading Murder, Etc.