Summer Solstice on Bald Rock

Bald Rock Summer Solstice-9

In 1987 I was only a mere 70 miles from Stonehenge on the summer solstice. At the time I was young and too ignorant of both the date and geography to make an effort to get down there. Over the years I’ve kicked myself mentally for that lapse, although I probably couldn’t have gotten close with all of the crowds. Even so, I’ve tried to do something special for either the winter or summer solstice each year, whether it’s a kayaking or some other outing. This year I decided to watch the sun rise from Bald Rock. Continue reading “Summer Solstice on Bald Rock”

The Weekend where Everything Happened at Once

Spartanburg Spring Fling-012

Furman graduation, Clemson graduation, Bob Jones graduation, Newberry College Graduation, Strawberry Festival, Greer Festival, Spartanburg Spring Fling, Reedy River Duck Derby, Kentucky Derby, Shape Note Singing, etc, etc, etc….

The list of events for the first Saturday in May for our area is truly mind-blowing. There was no way I could get to all of them, but I participated in as many as I could. Continue reading “The Weekend where Everything Happened at Once”

In the beginning…

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention this anniversary. I started my first blog in April of 2003, so I’ve been blogging for thirteen years now. Guess I need to keep going to make it at least fourteen to avoid any bad luck. The domain RandomConnections didn’t come online until a year later, in May of 2004, but since I essentially folded the contents of that prior blog into this one, I think I can legitimately claim April 4, 2003 as the birthday of this blog. Continue reading “In the beginning…”

Legacy Kites and Drones

Kites and Drones at Legacy Park-026

Several weeks ago my nephew Chip invited me to a day of kites and drones at Legacy Park in Greenville. I meant to write about it at the time, but things crept up on me, and when I stumbled on the photos I had to put that to rights.

It was going to be a beautiful Sunday morning. We made arrangements to meet at Legacy Park, located in a new planned development between Woodruff Road and Verdae Boulevard. Chip and I had our drones, and I had tossed in several kites, just in case. Chip’s wife, Anna, and their kids Olivia and Ethan would round out our crew. Continue reading “Legacy Kites and Drones”

Hanging with Frank in Greenville

Frank Underwood Campaign-7

NOTE: I’ve had a very bad cough and head cold this week, so I’m a week behind with this story. Trying to write while not feeling well is almost impossible for me. Anyway, this should have been posted last Sunday…

Saturday night was a big night in Greenville. CBS was holding a debate for all of the GOP candidates at the Peace Center, so there was lots of hoopla in town. The biggest hoopla was fictional (kind of like most of the candidates’ debate points.) Frank Underwood had set up his campaign headquarters in town. Continue reading “Hanging with Frank in Greenville”

Lotto Fever

B&W Lotto Ticket
Not a winning ticket nor a valid ticket

Yeah, I bought a Powerball ticket. With the jackpot reaching an unthinkable amount, why not dream a bit? After all, they say that if you don’t play you can’t win. If I can spent money on a Star Wars ticket, then this is a reasonable price for just as absurd a dream. Continue reading “Lotto Fever”

Goals 2016

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. They never seem to work out. However, I’ve got things I want to accomplish this year. So, I’ll make a list, and we’ll see if those things happen or not. Heck, New Year’s Day was four days ago, and I’m just now getting around to this post, so any resolution I make is already getting a late start. Continue reading “Goals 2016”

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