SCGA Upstate Meeting

Today geocachers from around the state gathered at Paris Mountain state Park to meet each other and discuss our sport. The hot topic is H3777, which would make geocaching illegal in all cemeteries, archeological sites, and state historic areas without express written permission. Continue reading SCGA Upstate Meeting

Caching in Landrum

Laura was grading papers, so I my job was to stay out of her way.  My map showed a caching “power trail” through the Landrum/Tryon area, so I decided to head that way.  I found one neat little micro, then a traditional cache at the “Welcome to Landrum” sign.  In town, it was a different … Continue reading Caching in Landrum

Caches of Rebel Flags

I love Spring Break.  I always have too long of a “to do” list, but I’m always fettered with this incurable laziness – true spring fever.  Yesterday was my day to waste time around the house then wander downtown and see what trouble I could cause.  Today, being such a beautiful day, I felt the … Continue reading Caches of Rebel Flags