Google Conquers the World

In the last post I mentioned discoveries in Flickr, which is a Yahoo company.  It seems that Google has also been making noises about a product similar to Flickr.  As reported on the Google Earth Blog, Picassa Web is now available in beta format.  Furthermore,  Google Earth can be used to geotag Picassa images directly. … Continue reading Google Conquers the World

Cool Flickr Discoveries

I’ve come across a couple of cool things on Flickr lately.   First, user "aemkei" has created a cool new bookmarking applet that geotags photos.  The interface is slick, and automatically creates the tags based on an address that has been input.  The developer said that he is working on a way to generate the tags … Continue reading Cool Flickr Discoveries

More Geotags

I finally found a way to display my geotagged blog entries on a map.  I had toyed with a couple of solutions – Geo-Mashup is a WordPress Plugin that is used on a "map page" to display all of the geotagged posts.  A similar plugin from blogger YongFook does about the same thing.  Both of … Continue reading More Geotags

Geotag This!

As much as I love all things map and GPS related, I don’t know why it took me so long to get hooked up with geotagging.  Basically, geotagging is the addition of lat/long data to the metadata associated with images, blog posts – or just about anything else that can be "tagged" with descriptors. Any … Continue reading Geotag This!

Google Earth Olympics

We’ve been watching some of our favorite Winter Olympics events on our new LCD projector.  Luge takes on a whole new dimension when it’s on a huge screen.  Tonight is the men’s downhill, and that started the segment with a map of the venue, which was obviously taken from Google Earth. I did a quick … Continue reading Google Earth Olympics

Samish Island Caches

Duff McDaniel, Mrs. Wright’s next door neighbor, had recently purchased a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and wanted to put it through it’s paces.  I couldn’t think of a better way to try it out than to search for a couple of geocaches located up in the hills, so Thursday we decided to go on a hunt. … Continue reading Samish Island Caches