Goodale Geocaching

On Saturday I attended an event cache put on by the Upstate South Carolina Geocaching Association (USCGA). The plan was to head down to N. R. Goodale State Park and find the Lost in the Swamp III geocache, which requires a bit of paddling to reach. The weather forecast was iffy, as it always is … Continue reading Goodale Geocaching

Street View Time Lapse

I’ve been enjoying creating time-lapse videos while driving. Unfortunately, I’ve just been driving back and forth to work or rehearsal, so the scenery doesn’t change much. So while I was looking at Google Earth the other day it occurred to me – I could use the images from Street View to create the same type … Continue reading Street View Time Lapse

LCU vs Manchester, Part 3

So far our crew from Lowcountry Unfiltered had breakfast at Battens in Wedgefield, visited the cemetery of a deranged governor, hiked part of the Palmetto trail and discovered an old railroad junction, and we were just getting started. Manchester and Melrose We got back to our vehicles and headed to the location of the ghost … Continue reading LCU vs Manchester, Part 3

How Many Greenvilles?

Perhaps it was the fact that I’ve crossed several state lines recently. More likely it was because I’ve spent several late nights wide awake and coughing. Being sick can make you think weird things, but for some reason the following aphorism popped into my head… There is a town called “Greenville” in every state. However, … Continue reading How Many Greenvilles?

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