Half-Assed Half Mast

Our illustrious Governor Mark Sanford, who also happens to be a former Furman classmate of mine, has once again found himself on the negative end of the news.  Sanford is catching flack for not ordering state flags to half-mast in honor of Rosa Parks.  Apparently Parks does not fall within that narrowly defined group of … Continue reading Half-Assed Half Mast

The Tyranny of Gannett

My favorite weekly freebie, The Beat, was mercilessly run out of business several months ago while in its incarnation as MetroBeat.  The culprit, of course, was the megalithic Gannett News Corporation, and it’s local shill, The Greenville News.  The Greenville Cage Liner started it’s own weekly rag called, The Link, which went head to head … Continue reading The Tyranny of Gannett

Writing Towards Home

Last night we attended a writer’s symposium at Furman entitled "Writing Towards Home".  The symposium featured Ashley Warlick, Tommy Hayes, Mindy Friddle, and George Singleton, all of whom have novels set in Upstate South Carolina. The symposium was well attended by the literazzi of Greenville – mostly writer wannabees and some eccentrics.  It was almost … Continue reading Writing Towards Home

Art in the Park

This weekend marks the 25th Anniversary of Art in the Park in Greenville.  The show started out in Cleveland Park, and has moved locations several times.  It’s current location is less in the park and more out on main street, but it is set up to take advantage of the renovated Falls Park in the … Continue reading Art in the Park

Christian Exodus

Speaking of strange things in churches, the lunatic right wing group, Christian Exodus, made the front page of the Greenville News again. This group is trying to get other ultra-right wingers to move to South Carolina so that it can secede from the Union (again) and form its own Christian Theocracy. Continue reading Christian Exodus

Flooding Fairfield

I returned home from Philly to find that our neighborhood had flooded – again.  The torrential rains we had while I was away landed our street in the news just about every day.  It doesn’t take torrential rains.  Just a normal rain will produce a large pool at the end of our stream in which … Continue reading Flooding Fairfield