In Search of Edward C. Jones – Part 1, The Architect

Architect Edward C. Jones. Image found on Find-a-Grave.

Edward C. Jones was nowhere on my radar. His name was completely unfamiliar to me, which is odd, since I’m very familiar with so many of the buildings he designed. I knew lots about Robert Mills, Rudolph Lee, and other South Carolina architects, but for whatever reason, I’d not paid attention to Jones. That all changed a few weeks ago. John Nolan from Greenville History Tours posted a series of photographs featuring buildings that Jones had designed. Seeing them next to each other the similarities leaped out. I knew I needed to find out more about this architect, and the buildings he designed. Continue reading “In Search of Edward C. Jones – Part 1, The Architect”

Paddling to Ghost Island

Paddling to Ghost Island in Lake Hartwell-100

Bennie and I have been trying to keep to our paddling schedule, but the fates have been against us. On this last day of summer we had a nice trip to Jocassee planned, but then illness struck, and Bennie was unable to go. I had my boat loaded up, so I decided I’d head on out anyway, with a slightly altered itinerary. I have been wanting to check out the old Harrisburg Plantation Cemetery on “Ghost Island” in Lake Hartwell, so that’s where I set my sights. Continue reading “Paddling to Ghost Island”

North Carolina Mountain State Fair

Western North Carolina Mountain Fair-160

It’s fair season! Somehow I completely missed the Upper State South Carolina Fair, but that’s probably OK. For years, though, I’ve wanted to visit the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in Asheville, but I’ve always missed it. I almost missed it this year, but I spotted that this past Sunday was the last day. Laura had work to do on Sunday, so I decided that this was the year that I’d make that trek. Continue reading “North Carolina Mountain State Fair”

Labor Day Weekend in Hendersonville

Hendersonville Apple Festival-35

The Labor Day Weekend supposedly marks the end of the summer season. For me it’s an odd holiday that always got lost in the shuffle of everything else that happens this time of year. When I was a teacher, it was an interruption, coming at a time too early in the school year to provide real respite from the rigors of academia. (Not that I really minded a day off.) Now as a retiree it seems that it gets lost even more in the shuffle of fall.

There are lots of activities and events around Labor Day, but also lots of crowds as folks want to take advantage of one more summer fling. Laura had gone to Florida to help with her mom, so I decided to explore some of those events, even though I loathe crowds. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend in Hendersonville”

Summer Solstice on Bald Rock

Bald Rock Summer Solstice-9

In 1987 I was only a mere 70 miles from Stonehenge on the summer solstice. At the time I was young and too ignorant of both the date and geography to make an effort to get down there. Over the years I’ve kicked myself mentally for that lapse, although I probably couldn’t have gotten close with all of the crowds. Even so, I’ve tried to do something special for either the winter or summer solstice each year, whether it’s a kayaking or some other outing. This year I decided to watch the sun rise from Bald Rock. Continue reading “Summer Solstice on Bald Rock”

Return to Perryville

Perryville pickin'

Monday night Stephen and I decided to head back to Perryville. Stephen would be in the midst of moving mid-state in a couple of weeks, and I would be picking back up with summer Chorale rehearsals, so this would be the last opportunity for awhile. Continue reading “Return to Perryville”

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