Brandon Mill Cemetery Clean-up

Brandon Mill Cemetery Cleanup-35

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about locating several old cemeteries for the various textile mill villages in Greenville. In the article I said that I was disappointed that I had not been able to visit the Brandon Mill Cemetery, as it was overgrown and off-limits.

I had posted a link to the blog post on one of the Greenville discussion groups on Facebook, and it generated quite a bit of discussion. Teresa Slack posted a comment that they would be organizing a clean up of the Brandon Mill Cemetery. I knew that I had to attend. Continue reading “Brandon Mill Cemetery Clean-up”

Hidden Mill Cemeteries of Greenville

Woodside Mill Cemetery Lomo

So far I’d found two old textile mill village cemeteries somewhat by accident. These reminded me of an article in the Greenville News by Judy Bainbridge from 2009. The article was entitled “Woodside, other mill villages need care.” Bainbridge had listed several mill village cemeteries in town, and at the time I’d thought about trying to find them. Then I kind of forgot about it. That is, until my recent discoveries. Now I was ready to seek out these other forgotten cemeteries. Continue reading “Hidden Mill Cemeteries of Greenville”

American Spinning Cemetery

American Spinng Cemetery B&W

It’s strange how these discoveries start out, sometimes. I had popped out to run some errands – purchasing bulbs for a finicky light fixture in a bathroom, which required specialized bulbs from Home Depot. As always, I have at least one camera (besides my iPhone) with me in the car. I liked the way the afternoon light was falling on the buildings, so I decided to ride around Greenville a bit and take some photos.

My aimless wandering led me through the mill villages between Poinsett Highway and Old Buncombe Road. I soon found myself at the old American Spinning textile mill, exploring some of the shadier streets. That’s when I stumbled upon the old cemetery associated with the mill village. I had to get out and explore. Continue reading “American Spinning Cemetery”

A Weekend with Morten Lauridsen

Morten Lauridsen at First Baptist Church
Photo by Wesley Smith

This past week Furman University and First Baptist Church of Greenville have played host to composer Morten Lauridsen. Lauridsen taught several master classes at Furman, then worked with the choir from First Baptist and the Cantus Chamber Choir from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts. The weekend culminated in a performance of Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna at First Baptist Church, under the direction of Vivian Hamilton and accompanied by members of the Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Continue reading “A Weekend with Morten Lauridsen”

The REAL Children’s Cemetery

Monaghan Cemetery-007

Duncan Chapel Cemetery near Furman University is often called “The Children’s Cemetery.” It’s rumored to be haunted, and paranormal investigators have left toys on the headstones to engage the spirits of the children. Dubious science aside, this whole notion and nickname are based on a false premise. While I was out and about exploring Greenville I made some discoveries that cast doubt on the idea of this being a “children’s” cemetery. Continue reading “The REAL Children’s Cemetery”

Dime Store Memories


The forecast predicted good winds, so I decided I’d take my kites out to Legacy Park. Since the winds were supposed to peak a bit after noon I packed a lunch, then sent out a general Facebook invitation for anyone that wanted to join me. I wasn’t sure who might decide to spend lunch with kites, so I knew I’d need to make sure all of my gear was in good order. That meant string, spars, and perhaps a couple more inexpensive kites for kids the might come along. In the past I’ve had success finding these things at Wilson’s 5 cents and $1, so that’s where I headed. Every time I visit, I’m unprepared for the flood of memories that wash over me when I step through the door. Continue reading “Dime Store Memories”

Saint Patrick’s Day on Saluda Lake

Saluda Lake Paddling-31

There’s a problem with belonging to several paddling groups on Facebook. Everyone is posting these fantastic shots of their paddling trips, and I start to develop a case of paddling envy. With beautiful weather this past week, I decided I had to get out on the water, even if it was just a short paddle on a local lake. After looking at several options, I decided on Saluda Lake on the west side of Greenville. Continue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day on Saluda Lake”

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