The Blizzard of 2016 (sort of)

Old Car

NOTE: I’m still catching up. All of the snow is now melted and gone, and this weekend is in stark contrast to last weekend.

I actually love snow days. There is an entire ritual of activities, soup, and pursuit of warmth that combine to make our rare winter weather a treat. Even though I no longer work for the schools and snow days have long since lost the same meaning, I still get excited when I see the first sign of flakes. This past week’s blizzard (or what passes for one in these parts) did not disappoint. Continue reading “The Blizzard of 2016 (sort of)”

The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale

Glendale Mill Ruins
Glendale Mill Ruins

I have a confession.  When things get chaotic I have occasional bouts of depression.  One of the best ways to combat this is to get away from the house and start exploring.  Such was the case Tuesday of this past week.  I needed out of the house.  I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but preferably somewhere interesting where I could take some photos.  I headed east.  It was familiar territory, and places I had already visited and photographed, but even familiar ground can yield new discoveries. My explorations took me across Spartanburg County and to the mills along the Pacolet River Basin – Glendale, Clifton, and Pacolet itself, with a couple of outliers thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale”

Greenville Poinsett Christmas Parade 2015

Greenville Christmas Parade 2015-134

I have distinct memories of Christmas parades when I was growing up in Laurens County. Parade units would assemble on Fleming Street and march around the square. We would usually take up our spots on the corner in front of the old Winn Dixie. The smells of cigarette smoke entwined with sugary cotton candy pervaded the air. I remember the vendors – piles of inflatable crap, some related to Christmas, and some not. These came only with the aforementioned cotton candy, as well as other goodies such as candied apples.

So, with these memories, Laura and I headed out to meet Chip and Anna to enjoy watching the Greenville Christmas Parade with their little ones. Continue reading “Greenville Poinsett Christmas Parade 2015”

The Streets of Greenville

Greenville Map 1948

My late father-in-law had a problem with Greenville. He grew up in the wilds of Idaho along the Salmon River. However, he spent most of his adult life in large western cities, namely Los Angeles, where the streets are laid out in neat, tidy grids. Greenville’s streets always left him bewildered.

Whenever he gave me trouble about my hometown, I would reply that it makes perfect sense – Laurens Road goes to Laurens, Augusta Road goes to Augusta, etc. While that’s true, there are lots of other…questionable routes, and I could see how someone not from here would be very confused. Greenville’s streets are based on an early 19th Century design, and that pattern STILL influences our traffic. Continue reading “The Streets of Greenville”

Fall Paddle on Cascade Lake

Cascade Lake and Hooker Falls-20

The week had been absolutely beautiful. After the rains of last week this was a welcome change. Now we had clear October skies, the kind that make me love fall. It was also warm, and seemed like the perfect opportunity for a paddling trip.

I ran down my list of easy solo paddling venues. There were a couple that piqued my interest, but what I really wanted to do was paddle up to Hooker Falls on Cascade Lake. I was hoping that fall colors would make for some scenic kayaking. Continue reading “Fall Paddle on Cascade Lake”

Taylors to Marietta – A Midweek Ramble

Geer Highway Gas

Even though I haven’t been able to finish my explorations of the Tobacco Trail, I haven’t been sitting idle. Once the rain stopped we had some spectacular weather, and I decided to get out and about. I hit a few spots in the upstate, so this is sort of a miscellany wrap-up of the week. This is part one of about a three-parter. This first part actually took place last week, before the deluge… Continue reading “Taylors to Marietta – A Midweek Ramble”

100 Year Flooding

Photo from Associated Press

The photos from Columbia have been astounding. The level of flooding is beyond anything we might have imagined. I have close friends that have been directly affected by the flooding, and getting back to normal will take months.

Here in Greenville we got lots of rain, and there had been some localized flooding, but nothing to the scale of the mid-state. Our area is almost back to normal. Continue reading “100 Year Flooding”

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