Flickr’s Machine Tags

Back last summer I wrote an article on this site complaining about triple tags and the clutter they create on tag clouds. The idea was that a tag cloud is meant to group items with similar characteristics. However, triple tags are meant to identify a specific item. They are often called "machine-readable" because they are … Continue reading Flickr’s Machine Tags

Columbia is Back!

On October 3 Google Earth released a massive imagery update.  Until that point, most of South Carolina was in low resolution.  The new release provided much higher resolution images for almost all of the state.  Almost all, that is. Right after the update there was a very blurry section right where the town of Casey, … Continue reading Columbia is Back!


I’ve commented in previous posts about how much I detest memes. I see less and less of the e-mail glurges that usually get sent around Christmas and other holidays. It still happens, but for the most part it’s the less technologically savvy that engage in spreading them. Now that folks have blogs, memes that used … Continue reading mememememememe

Ho Ho Ho Hat

Flickr has a new Easter Egg (or would that be a Christmas egg?) as part of its programming.  If you place a note on a photo with the phrase "ho ho ho hat", a Santa hat will be added to the image.  Likewise, if you add a note with "ho ho ho beard", a Santa … Continue reading Ho Ho Ho Hat