Thanks for the memory

I spent Memorial Day working with memory of a different type – electronic.  My father had an old 286 which he continued to use, despite having a new computer and my warnings to the contrary.  In his defense, we did try transferring the files to the new computer via sneakernet.  While the old DOS programs … Continue reading Thanks for the memory

So how, exactly, does one become an Internet Icon?  I guess I could design a Tron Costume, or do something equally foolish.  As I’ve turned my attention by to this website, I’ve been wondering what cool service I might offer that would make people actually want to come back.  I did a Google search for … Continue reading

I’ve been listening to Radio Paradise on .  It’s a strange, eclectic mix, but I like it.  Occasionally I’ll listen to the Downtown Spy Channel when I’m playing pool.  It’s got some good ambient beats interspersed with clips from James Bond movies.  Good stuff. Another good site Chip told me about is Albino Black … Continue reading