Summer Begins

When I was a teacher, the last day of school meant something.  As much as I like working with kids, I looked forward to a time away from them.  I knew I would usually still be working over summer on something school-related, but it would be a change.  Since becoming an administrator, the beginning and … Continue reading Summer Begins

Technology Black Out Day

Just in case you missed it, today is… I guess if you are reading this on April 20, you don’t plan to participate.  I’m guessing by now that you’ve figured out that I’m not participating because I posted this message today. I’m not sure that a Blackout is the way to emphasize the importance of … Continue reading Technology Black Out Day

The Information Packrat Syndrome

Some years ago I gave a presentation at a technology conference entitled ‘The Information Packrat Syndrome".  This presentation dealt with the many misuses and abuses of technology with students, particularly, particularly activities which involve gathering data for no apparent reason. Here’s an especially egregious example, one I’m guilty of using with my students.  Each child is given … Continue reading The Information Packrat Syndrome

Upgrade Fever

When I started out in educational technology I had next to no budget for equipment.  I had 12 computers in my classroom, eight of which would run Windows 3.1, and the rest limited to DOS.  I became a big fan of Fred d’Ignazio’s Multimedia on a Shoestring Budget, collecting old VCRs and other cast-off gear … Continue reading Upgrade Fever

It’s been a hell of a week.  Our network is finally back in one piece, thanks to Ginger’s work.  I put the finishing touches on a plan to spend over $1.5 million in taxpayer money over the next six months.  The good news is that by August all of my schools will be on Windows … Continue reading

I’m trapped.  At 8:30 they put us on a bus and shipped us to the Hewlett-Packard campus.  The sessions have been non-stop each day, with only five-minute breaks between each session. The campus itself is amazing, in a natural setting that is almost totally unrecognizable as a manufacturing facility.  It looks like a wooded office … Continue reading

The Dough

Cool Website. I saw this one at a conference a couple of years ago. Some guy was showing it as an example of how Flash could be used. I had forgotten about it, but stumbled across it just recently. I’d love to be able to do something like this. X_Dude’s “The Dough” Continue reading The Dough