Busy Birthday Weekend

Santa Rex

Been a busy weekend – explorations on my birthday, recuperation on Saturday, and a day full of music on Sunday. Saturday’s explorations were so involved that I’m breaking them into three separate blog posts. Writing those up, along with all the links and research, will take some time. I may be done with that mid-week.

We had our friends Alan and Mary over for a birthday dinner of homemade pizza, and Laura gave me a T-Rex Santa lawn ornament (pictured above). What I’d really like to do is see if I could get a whole collection and create a manger scene of dinosaurs in the front yard. But, as it always turns out, someone beat me to it. Or, at least, they included a dinosaur in their existing manger scene.

On Saturday my main birthday present was installed – an upgrade in our Internet bandwidth at home. I spent the rest of the day working on photos and videos and uploading them to Flickr, enjoying the faster speeds. So long, DSL.

So, today I’m singing the Bach Cantata 142 (which was actually written by Kuhnau) at St. Matthew’s Methodist in Greenville. My cousin Sam is directing, and asked if I would sing the bass aria. Later today we have a neighborhood drop-in, and this evening I’m thinking about going to the Messiah Sing-Along happening at Christ Church Episcopal. We’ll see if I actually have the energy for all of that. I may have to take another day off from work on Monday just to recover.

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