Bond at 50

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  1. He had a rather formidable drink in Casino Royale which he christened “The Vespa” after the female double-agent. Someday I’ll have to write the recipe down and get one made.

    I have copies of all the novels if you wish to borrow some.

    1. As popular as the recent “Casino Royale” movie was, I’m sure you could order one at just about any semi-respectable bar.

      I’ve got six of the early novels. Honestly, I don’t remember which ones I’ve read.

  2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is definitely one of the top Bond movies. Great film, wrong actor for Bond.

    The Roger Moore-era movies, except The Spy Who Loved Me, battle for the top spots on my own worst Bond movie list. Too bad the Pierce Brosnan-era scripts were so bad, sigh, he was good in the role.

    Daniel Craig is exactly, IMO, what the franchise needed to get back on track. Well, that and better scripts and semi-plausible plots. So far, at least the theme song is pretty darn good.

  3. I didn’t like the opening and closing action scenes of CR. Running along the top of a crane and then getting down in the way they did …. and that collapsing building bit in Venice. Not so cool. Otherwise, I thought that book realized the novel remarkably well. I like the emphasis on character with this new Bond. Setting the casino in Montenegro instead of on the NW coast of France was interesting, but I liked it well enough.

    I liked the Sean Connery Bonds a lot, and even David Lazzerby. I think he’s grossly under-rated. Maybe the shared brilliance of Dianna Rigg (sp) – she is a jewel in anything I’ve seen her act in. Movie and TV. Roger Moore … kind of mixed bag. I liked The Living Daylights for the most part, but some annoying bits in the script. It COULD have been much better, and I enjoyed it anyway. The “safe sex” Bond, if I recall.

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