Blue Ridge Westward

2 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Westward”

  1. Wow, I took pretty much that same path on Saturday. Although I went up 178 and then back down 276 past Looking Glass Falls then back through Flat Rock. I even went down Black Balsam Rd. for a day of hiking.

    How are you creating that track log in Google Earth? Are you using one of the GPS programs you mentioned to me?

  2. It was a great day for the BRP.

    I just keep the GPS running while I’m traveling. When I get home, I download the track and any waypoints into ExpertGPS. I then save that data as a GPX file.

    Google Earth can open GPX files, and the tracks show up as paths. I just zoom out to a level that shows the entire route, then save that image.

    As you can see from this image, there were segments that didn’t get recorded. Either I couldn’t pick up a satellite, or the GPS got unplugged from the power source.

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