Blogging Hiatus

Abandoned Boats

With my mother’s illness and passing I haven’t had much time to get out and explore, paddle, or take photos.  That means there haven’t been many posts on RandomConnections.  Those posts are about to get even further between for awhile.  I’m going to take 2-3 weeks off from posting. 

Don’t worry.  I’m not abandoning the site.  I’ve got lots planned for this time. In fact, over this break I hope to have collected so many stories and photos that it will overwhelm your RSS feeds when I do return to posting.

UPDATE: Ken Cothran suggested that I do a “best of” series. Since this is the 10th anniversary of the site, that’s not a bad idea. I may pick a few of my favorites to post automatically over the next few weeks.

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  1. Alan

    I love the photo!


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