Beer and Hymns

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  1. Joshua’s church in DC does this (the notification below is from the weekly church bulletin). There’s neither a bar nor singing, but I expect if someone would like to lead some hymns, folks would sing.

    Theology on Draft is a safe space gathering where people interested in exploring the tough questions of faith meet weekly over drinks and fellowship. In the past we have studied Christian and non-Christian authors alike including Marcus Borg, Nadia Bolz—Weber, and Ta-Nehisi Coates. We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in Butler Hall. Contact Pastor Elijah for more information.

  2. Alcohol has destroyed more lives than any substance known to man. How you can seek a Holy God and indulge in unholy things is an insult to the God of Heaven. God gave His only Son to take our place of punishment so we could be clear minded..sober minded..and free from the bondage of intoxicants ..The Lord would never create an intoxicant and tell someone to just be careful don’t get too drunk with it…wow.

    1. You’re right Gil! I have witnessed so many lives destroyed from alcohol in my own family. A lot of them started out with an occasional beer and then moved on to something stronger. When my 16 year old granddaughter heard about hymns & hops she couldnt understand why meet for beer and song. She came up with one that made more sense. “Jesus & Java”.

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