Pubs and Music

On our way back from Ireland Stephen asked me what my favorite thing was about the trip. I had to say that it was the pubs and music that impressed me most. I loved the atmosphere and life that radiates from those places. While they all seem similar and familiar, each is unique. If I … Continue reading Pubs and Music

Hello from Ireland

 Having a great time in Ireland with my brothers. However, I don’t have reliable Internet.  Haven’t been able to update the blog or post photos to Flickr.  I’m sure I’ll be catching up for weeks when we get back. The photo above is of a wedge tomb called Poulnabrone, located in the Burren.  It’s 4000 … Continue reading Hello from Ireland

Hans and Franz Revisited

I have long lamented the dearth of German restaurants in town. There are three of them – Schwaben Haus, Bavarian Pretzel Factory, and Hans and Franz. Compare that to the number of Asian and Hispanic restaurants of different varieties dotting the culinary landscape. This is even more surprising given that there is such a strong … Continue reading Hans and Franz Revisited

The Briar Patch

Laura was in Florida and I was craving bratwurst and sauerkraut. My usual partner in crime for such cuisine is Keith Dover, so I gave him a call. He’d already made plans for the evening that didn’t involve German food, but invited me to tag along. That’s how Keith, Tony Sane, and I wound up … Continue reading The Briar Patch

Mid-Week in Sparkleberry

Last week Dwight sent me a message asking if I’d be up for a mid-week paddle. Laura would be out of town with family, so I thought it would be a great chance to head down to one of my favorite paddling venues, Sparkleberry Swamp. The sky was a bit overcast and there was a … Continue reading Mid-Week in Sparkleberry

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