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  1. Adams Bistro will never get one penny of our business again after today. We needed a convenient place to meet with a couple of business colleagues over lunch, so we met there. After lunch, the owner came over to our table and basically told us that she would prefer for us NOT to meet there, because we tied up the table and blocked one of her “money slots” (her exact words). I knew that we had probably been at the table for about two typical rounds of customers, so I left the waitress an 80% tip to help cover her time… yes, 80 percent! And I did so even though the waitress never once smiled at us. In all my years of eating in restaurants, I have never encountered anything like this. The woman who runs Adams Bistro needs to take some lessons in customer relations. She was basically telling us that she doesn’t care about her customers… just about getting people in and out as fast as possible. Well, don’t worry sweetheart, because we will NEVER tie up any of your tables again!!!

  2. I have the same problem with large groups that show up unexpectedly at restaurants and want to drag tables together. While it’s nice for friends to be together, it’s disruptive for the restaurant, and often results in lost revenue.

    If the situation was as Paul described, then the owner could have handled that situation much more tactfully. A single table with 3-4 people meeting shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

    I think the point is that regardless of whether or not it’s a meeting or a large group, it’s best to make arrangements with the owner, rather than just try to take over a place.

  3. In regards to Paul Steele… Paul failed to mention that I did offer him and his colleagues a “meeting” table after 1:00, which is when our busiest lunch hour is winding down, and that after 1:00, I told them they could stay as long as they wanted. We have 21 tables in our small restaurant and far more hungry guests that are on a tight lunch hour schedule. We try to accomodate each and every customer that walks into our bistro as we recognize and appreciate the fact that without them, we would not stay in business. Paul also failed to mention that this meeting is a scheduled weekly meeting that lasted from 11:00 until 3:00 or sometimes longer.

    1. I’m all for listening to all sides of an argument. However, I’m not all for letting my personal website being turned into a battleground. This matter is now closed, as far as RandomConnections is concerned. Parties involved need to work this out among themselves, and any further comments along these lines will be deleted.

    1. I do wish you would reconsider – I think you add insight and some common sense to the discussion.

      I had heard that Haus Edleweiss is re-opening, and I’m looking forward to it. It always amazes me that there aren’t more German restaurants in the area, especially with BMW and other German industries in the area.

  4. One more word about the Adams Bistro dispute – it appears that Paul Steele has gone to just about every review site and posted his comments, closely followed by Teresa Adams’ rebuttal. Both statements appear to be copy-n-paste.

    I’ve seen this happen before, and this isn’t the first time this site has gotten wrapped up in such a dispute. Someone with a bone to pick about a restaurant thinks they can do harm by posting their negative reviews to as many sites as possible.

    Word to the wise – it doesn’t work. Multiple negative reviews from a variety of sources can harm a restaurant. However, I think folks see through a concerted campaign, especially when it’s brought to the public’s attention, as I’m doing here.

  5. I’m sorry Tom. I wasn’t clear in my short sentence. I happened to see the posting from what appears to be the owner of the Bistro and I thought I would ask you to remove my comments on that subject only, so that the discussion would involve only the people present. I have previousy worked in restaurants so I gave my view. Once I read the posting from Ms. Adams, I figured
    that the two parties involved had stated their sides and what I happen to “think” is not important. I was however, glad to read the other side of the story.

  6. Thank you for allowing me to post my comment. I, along with my family and our awesone staff, put a lot of time, effort and heart into making our bistro what it has become today and it is hurtful for me (and them) to read negative comments such as his. Thank you for letting me add the details that were not originally mentioned.

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