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  1. I stumbled upon your blog this week and I have been visiting this site each day. Such a great blog! I can’t wait to share this site.

    1. Please note that I do not maintain a mailing list. You may have subscribed to notifications regarding specific posts, but you will have to unsubscribe yourself from those lists.

      1. MLK 2015 Jenkinsville school memorial
        I just found your great blog and without your permission (Asking it now) took the liberty of requesting a link to your blog on the memorial to be released with a letter of explaination in our local Fairifield County News paper. I am trying to get the memorial resurrected and moved to a more befitting resting place.
        Thank you for the great photos and article.
        Jeff Schaffer
        write me back and I will send you a copy of article written for the paper.

  2. I found some info re Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church posted on Ancestry.com. Too much to post in here. How can I send it to you, if you are interested. Margaret Ann Beaty who is buried there, was married to my 2x g-grandfather, Frances “Frank” Allen Hobson.


  3. I loved the old school photos (Pleasant Grove, Emory and Sardis). I had read often about many of the field schools or academies that once existed in the Edgefield Advertiser (US Library of Congress digital collections). The photo you have for a possible school is the home built in 1950 for my grandfather, G.O. Etheredge. The home was designed by John Allen Long architect in 1950. (Clemson Library-Special collections). If you could remove this as a possible school, this would be appreciated.

  4. I enjoyed your write up about Cokesbury and as Chairman, I codially invite to visit again when you have an opportunity. We have undergone a large renovation over the last two years and the building looks great! We are open on Sundays from 2:00-5:00PM April thru November. Or, we will give you a tour by appointment. Contact Rob Jones 864-942-2456

  5. Hello Tom
    Thanks for posting the excellent photos under the March 15, 2015, “Spring Break in Florida – Part Three, Indrio School” entry.
    Were the photos taken in March of 2015? The building looks the same as it did in the late ’60s. I was part of a rock and roll band back then and we used the building for practice a couple of times each week.
    It looks like they are doing some block work with the foundation to keep its integrity.
    By the way, when you went from “Indrio School-3” to “Indrio School B&W,” was the removal of the trash can necessary or a preference?

  6. Do you know about the four Revolutionary grave markers at the top of the hill at the South Carolina rest stop at I-85 and Lake Hartwell? I just happened to run across them several years ago while walking my dog. They are kind of hard to find but I would be happy to show you.

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