A Tower for Lake Fairfield?

4 thoughts on “A Tower for Lake Fairfield?”

  1. You have a great wife!

    Have you tried the “it’s a cell tower disguised as a fire tower” argument? 🙂

    The Prayer Tower idea is quite good, btw.

  2. This is splendid. After you install it, offer its use to the Furman ROTC unit for rappelling training. I’m thinking you could probably receive some $$’s for that. We’ll have the cost/benefit analysis completed in no time!!!

  3. I tried to find this tower for sale on the NC surplus site but could not find. I have the perfect location for it in catawba county.NC. Any info on this or any other for sale would be appreciated. Thanks Lynn Moose

  4. Our Chamber of Commerce is looking for such a tower to be erected in our Lake Park. Its height would give tourists to our community the ability to overlook four glacial lakes, two “feeder” rivers and a portion of Oshkosh, Wisconsin as well as Lake Winnebago.
    Anyone having more details about similar structures available for sale, please send them on. Thanks much!!

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