A Surfiet of Kayaks

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    1. Sounds great! But, just so you know, I almost trashed your comment as spam because of the Japanese characters. I really don’t mean to be racist, but sometimes technology gets the best of me!

  1. Hey Tom,

    I ran across your Google map of SC rivers and was stunned at the amount of information. I float the rivers too…not for fun but to fish…which I have a lot of fun doing if not always successful.

    I was looking at your Savanah River section near Augusta and thought to give you another float that is upstream of yours. Here is a pic of the float access and it is a great float. First is the float plan and next is a link to pics I took along the float. Hope this helps and thanks for your contribution to river access!

    BTW, I am in Greenville too. Contact me for any details of the float. derekp@charter.net




    1. Derek,

      Thanks for the kind words! I also appreciate the additional information about the Savannah. I’ll add that the list, and gladly give you credit.

      You’ll have to join us for one of our future adventures.


  2. I see this is from 2010, but I am headed to the upcoming 2011 confluence sale and wondering what to expect as far as prices go. I have been looking at a 12-17ft perception carolina ..or possibly a similar model wilderness systems kayak. do you recall the price on the 17 ft Tsunami you purchased a year ago? thanks!

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