A Super Moon Weekend

2 thoughts on “A Super Moon Weekend”

  1. Turtles is good eatin’. 🙂

    I understand that the city is going to divert the Reedy and do some bank repair just below the Main Street bridge. Something in the paper about it today. I think they can close off the water shoots in the dam and divert through a storm sewer or pipe of some sort. They’ll be putting a track hoe on the river bed to put rock in place … I think on the East side. I wish that the area under the bridge and by the falls on that side was a bit more … of something. Kind of looks bare these days.

    1. My great uncle used to make turtle soup on occasion. I personally don’t want to go down and argue with this particular snapper.

      As for the Reedy, I read about that, too. Looks like the work is going to be right behind the Peace center, kind of under the Swamp Rabbit bridge.

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