A New Day Dawns

2 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns”

  1. This has been an incredible day. My daughter and her classmates spent their entire day watching the festivities. I truly hope her generation will be as inspired as we are by this historical moment.

  2. I was quite moved myself by the day. Still feel the afterglow. I was rather irritated at many in the press who wanted to focus so much on race. The beauty of this day was that our President was elected largely by people who believe in his ideas and vision, and not because he was of one race or another. The Press could not get beyond the significance that he happened to be black, and the connection to Civil Rights. While that is of importance, it kind of takes us back to where we were IMO. I’d loved to have had commentary-free coverage (which I finally found for the parade). IMO the press coverage probably alienated some folks who, frankly, didn’t need to be alienated. Even NPR seemed to miss the story. IMO of course.

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