A Hidden Cemetery on Pleasantburg Drive

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  1. I love this so much. I am part of the Raines family. My fathers mother was Emily Frances Raines whom died at very young age. She was murdered inside her bar on Cedar lane Rd. I am her name sake. Emily Frances Martin .

  2. Love the article , my GM who is buried in one of the unmarked graves , we know the location , next to Thomas Raines , her husband . She was also married to his brother Edward Lee Raines who died in 1914 of TB My mother was Maude Raines Tolliver. Some of her pics are on the family page , my brother who is 82 remembers how the area looked as a child , from. The cemetery on down to the old Shriners Hospital was the county dump and he recalls it always being smoky because of the fires burning , Thomas Raines and my GM had a house across the road from t he cemetery going up Piney Mt .

  3. I remember back in the late 60s my parents and a couple they were best friends with would take us there to spend the night while they went out on the town.My best friend at the time was related to the 2 elderly ladies that lived in the 2 old houses that were there. The elder of the 2 we called her nanny cause it was my friends great grandmother and the youngest of the 2 was named Lou and as far as I can recall , their last names was Raines . I know some of the grand children and great grand children of Lou and Nanny with the last name of weeks if it might help with some history on the place .As far as I know ,Lou and Nanny were the last 2 that lived on the property in the houses. You can e mail me at lronnie025@gmail.com. My name is Ronnie Lord. Thanks for the article ,as it brought back some memories of my childhood days .

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