A Christmas Carol

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol”

  1. When I was a child my father had a Christmas record with a song or carol called “Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies.” I think it was set to the same tune as “I Saw Three Ships” which I’ve always liked. It was very dignified (I think it was a choral album). “Dame” sounded like it was the woman’s actual name in the lyric. She was being urged to get up and bake her pies “on Christmas day in the morning.”

    I really like “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree” I really miss Christmas eve at my Episcopal Church back in Connecticut.

    1. I’d never heard that song until your comment. Apparently it’s listed as a children’s song.

      I’ve sung “Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree” both in a chorus and as a solo. It is a nice piece.

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