21 Accents

3 thoughts on “21 Accents”

  1. Tom,
    What’s happening to you? Is this the ultimate search for meaning? I mean, twittering? and now music on your site? And today I go to your blog and there’s a utube video? How degenerate will you go?
    Just kidding you brother (though I am concerned about the twittering). However, I couldn’t listen to the video because I couldn’t find a place to turn off your music. Give us a place for that – besides I might want to visit your site while in a meeting and sure don’t want the music giving my surfing away!

  2. I thought I had the music set so that it wouldn’t start automatically. Apparently, the MUSIC starts, but the slide show doesn’t until you click play. If that’s the case, I’ll just kill the music.

  3. That “accents” accuracy thing is interesting. I have a recording of a Hungarian choir singing Handel. UGH!!!! Which brings to mind the probable response of German musicians hearing us singing German. Or French hearing Carmen in Greenville? I don’t know; I’d like to think we were more accurate, but truth requires otherwise. 🙂

    Another argument for Latin as a universal language, I suppose?

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