Saving the Samish Island Flower Farm

Samish Island Flower Farm-003

At the entrance to Samish Island is a large tract of land. For the year that we’ve been out here there has been a For Sale sign on the 37 acres along Samish Island Road and Roney Road. Laura had commented that when we come out next time things would look very different as the property is developed. Now it seems that there is a way to save the views. We recently took a tour of the property with the Skagit Land Trust and heard about their plans for the land. Continue reading “Saving the Samish Island Flower Farm”

Paddling Bellingham Bay during Orca Month

Bellingham Harbor with Moondance Kayaks-71

After my short jaunt on Lake Padden I wanted a longer paddling trip. I kept watching the weather and tides, things were just not working out. I got out on the water for one short trip that got cut short, and took another organized trip that also didn’t quite live up to expectations. Oh well. At least I met some neat folks and found some options for future treks. Here are the reports… Continue reading “Paddling Bellingham Bay during Orca Month”