Danger Man

“Danger Man” aka “Secret Agent” starring Patrick McGoohan as agent John Drake

The very first song I learned on guitar was this opening riff from “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers.

It’s a simple riff and can be played on just the upper two strings of the guitar. I was only five or six at the time, but I played it on both my brother Houston’s sunburst guitar from Sears and my sister Susan’s ukulele. I didn’t know any other chords, but I could play that riff. I had vague memories of it being associated with some TV show.

Fast forward a half-century… Continue reading “Danger Man”

The Oso Landslide of 2014

Aerial view of the Stillguamish River and SR 530 after the March 22, 2014 landslide
Photo by Washington State Department of Transportation

In a recent post I stated that if news from this area reaches back east, then it’s generally bad news. There was one more event that I had intended to include with my list of Skagit Tragedies, but it doesn’t really fit with that list since (1.) it took place in Snohomish and (2.) it’s not a place that I drive by or see every day like the other places on the list. Having recently visited the site of the terrible Oso Landslide of 2014, I thought it worthy of its own post. Continue reading “The Oso Landslide of 2014”