Yellowstone Route

Today was the one day we had planned to not travel any further west. We had allowed one day to explore Yellowstone National Park. Only one day in Yellowstone is blasphemy, but it’s what we had. We made the most of it. Even though we didn’t make any progress on our western migration, we still covered about as many miles as any other day so far. Continue reading “Yellowstone”

Paducah to Council Bluffs

I had hoped to do a detailed blog of each day’s travels as we drove westward. That’s not gonna happen. I’ve decided upon an alternate strategy. I’m going to hit the highlights each day, then come back and post more photos, etc., once the ground stops moving beneath our rear ends. Heck, I’ve even stopped trying to process all of the photos each evening. We’re too exhausted by day’s end. Continue reading “Paducah to Council Bluffs”


2017 Total Solar Eclipse-10
Photo by Tom Taylor – 8/21/2017

No words. There are really no words to describe the experience of a total solar eclipse. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. At least I can show a few of the photos I took (nearly 10,000, if you include the GoPro time-lapse images) and describe the events at our house leading up to and during the eclipse. It was a most excellent eclipse party, and the experience is one I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Continue reading “Totality”

Eclipse Preparations

Image from the National Weather Service.

The big event is only one week away. Next Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will cross the United States. Being the obsessive person I am, of course I have already been making plans for the event. The three questions I get on Facebook and other outlets are, “Where are you planning to view the eclipse?”, “How are you planning to view the eclipse?”, and “What are your photography plans?” I’ll try to answer those in this post. Continue reading “Eclipse Preparations”