April 2016 Update

Pickens Flea Market-4

What?? No posts for two weeks?? What the heck is going on? Of course, the only one complaining about this seems to be Facebook. Since I’ve got a separate page that somewhat mirrors this site, FB gets annoyed when I don’t update it on a regular basis…then wants me to pay to boost those posts. Yeah, right.

Anyhoo…the past couple of weeks have been crazy, so here’s a quick update… Continue reading “April 2016 Update”

Hidden Mill Cemeteries of Greenville

Woodside Mill Cemetery Lomo

So far I’d found two old textile mill village cemeteries somewhat by accident. These reminded me of an article in the Greenville News by Judy Bainbridge from 2009. The article was entitled “Woodside, other mill villages need care.” Bainbridge had listed several mill village cemeteries in town, and at the time I’d thought about trying to find them. Then I kind of forgot about it. That is, until my recent discoveries. Now I was ready to seek out these other forgotten cemeteries. Continue reading “Hidden Mill Cemeteries of Greenville”

American Spinning Cemetery

American Spinng Cemetery B&W

It’s strange how these discoveries start out, sometimes. I had popped out to run some errands – purchasing bulbs for a finicky light fixture in a bathroom, which required specialized bulbs from Home Depot. As always, I have at least one camera (besides my iPhone) with me in the car. I liked the way the afternoon light was falling on the buildings, so I decided to ride around Greenville a bit and take some photos.

My aimless wandering led me through the mill villages between Poinsett Highway and Old Buncombe Road. I soon found myself at the old American Spinning textile mill, exploring some of the shadier streets. That’s when I stumbled upon the old cemetery associated with the mill village. I had to get out and explore. Continue reading “American Spinning Cemetery”

In the beginning…

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention this anniversary. I started my first blog in April of 2003, so I’ve been blogging for thirteen years now. Guess I need to keep going to make it at least fourteen to avoid any bad luck. The domain RandomConnections didn’t come online until a year later, in May of 2004, but since I essentially folded the contents of that prior blog into this one, I think I can legitimately claim April 4, 2003 as the birthday of this blog. Continue reading “In the beginning…”

A River with an Identity Crisis: Paddling Turkey and Stevens Creeks

Turkey and Stevens Creeks-60

Another Second Saturday and time for a Lowcountry Unfiltered adventure. This was actually a cross-over event, with as many participants from the Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle group on Facebook as LCU participants. Granted, two of us were in both groups, but still. The venue was one for the books – Turkey Creek and Stevens Creek in McCormick County turned out to be a waterway with an identity crisis. It didn’t know if it wanted to be Upcountry or Lowcountry. Continue reading “A River with an Identity Crisis: Paddling Turkey and Stevens Creeks”

Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part Three

Bush River Baptist Church and Cemetery-009

NOTE: Once again, I’m playing catch-up. I had interrupted my Newberry ramble with a couple of other posts that were a bit more time-sensitive. Now we’re back to our trip from a couple of weeks ago.

My sister Glynda and I had been on a photo trek across Newberry County searching for old schools and churches. We had left Newberry and dipped down into Saluda County for a bit. We would eventually make our way back to Newberry and make some more discoveries. Continue reading “Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part Three”