The Hype Awakens

The Force Awakens Poster

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, everyone knows that the latest movie in the Star Wars series opened last week. To say there was been hype would be a HUGE understatement. Coming out before Christmas, just about all of the stores were stocked with movie merchandise, and there were lots of advertising tie-ins.

The problem, of course, is that a movie might not live up to the hype. It could be as bad as, say, the Phantom Menace. Many fans were holding their breath, me being one of them. Despite the hype, bad things could happen. Continue reading “The Hype Awakens”

Birthday Banjo

I’ve made one more pass around old Sol. Laura says that this is an auspicious birthday because my age is divisible by both five and eleven, two of her favorite numbers. Last year was complicated by family matters, so I spent the day by myself climbing a mountain. This year was complicated by singing engagements, … Continue reading Birthday Banjo

The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale

Glendale Mill Ruins
Glendale Mill Ruins

I have a confession.  When things get chaotic I have occasional bouts of depression.  One of the best ways to combat this is to get away from the house and start exploring.  Such was the case Tuesday of this past week.  I needed out of the house.  I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but preferably somewhere interesting where I could take some photos.  I headed east.  It was familiar territory, and places I had already visited and photographed, but even familiar ground can yield new discoveries. My explorations took me across Spartanburg County and to the mills along the Pacolet River Basin – Glendale, Clifton, and Pacolet itself, with a couple of outliers thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale”

Greenville Poinsett Christmas Parade 2015

Greenville Christmas Parade 2015-134

I have distinct memories of Christmas parades when I was growing up in Laurens County. Parade units would assemble on Fleming Street and march around the square. We would usually take up our spots on the corner in front of the old Winn Dixie. The smells of cigarette smoke entwined with sugary cotton candy pervaded the air. I remember the vendors – piles of inflatable crap, some related to Christmas, and some not. These came only with the aforementioned cotton candy, as well as other goodies such as candied apples.

So, with these memories, Laura and I headed out to meet Chip and Anna to enjoy watching the Greenville Christmas Parade with their little ones. Continue reading “Greenville Poinsett Christmas Parade 2015”

Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Avalon Beach-001

Wow. November is gone, and now we’re on our way into December. The depth of my writer’s block increases. I’ve only made two posts all this month, and one of those was a copy-and-paste job. Maybe I’ll get out of this slump, but we’ll have to see.

I think I’ve realized that I don’t have to write a documentary-styled, viral-ready article for every post. This blog used to be just that – a blog of the random stuff I encountered. I decided to get back to that, just so that I’m writing again on a regular basis. So, expect more of the mundane, with an occasional gem sprinkled in. In that vein, I’m starting with Thanksgiving, even though it was exactly a week ago as of this writing. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Wrap-up”