In Search of Good Roads for South Carolina

The recent flooding in the mid-state has pointed out some of the glaring problems with South Carolina’s infrastructure. Even before the floods, the issue of deteriorating roads has been foremost, with discussion about how to fund road repairs. This isn’t a new problem, though. The question about how to develop and maintain adequate infrastructure is … Continue reading In Search of Good Roads for South Carolina

The Streets of Greenville

My late father-in-law had a problem with Greenville. He grew up in the wilds of Idaho along the Salmon River. However, he spent most of his adult life in large western cities, namely Los Angeles, where the streets are laid out in neat, tidy grids. Greenville’s streets always left him bewildered. Whenever he gave me … Continue reading The Streets of Greenville

Blue Ridge Getaway

Laura has a birthday coming up, but finding a time to celebrate has been problematic. We had decided to go a getaway the weekend before her birthday, but nature dealt us a blow. Our original plans were to head to Charleston and visit the ACE Basin, then head up to Beidler Forest. Obviously, with all … Continue reading Blue Ridge Getaway

Waterfalls and Flea Markets

With all of the rain that we had gotten over the past couple of days I figured the local waterfalls must be running at maximum. In fact, I’d already seen photos on Facebook of Reedy Falls with tremendous amounts of water. I decided to check it out.

100 Year Flooding

The photos from Columbia have been astounding. The level of flooding is beyond anything we might have imagined. I have close friends that have been directly affected by the flooding, and getting back to normal will take months. Here in Greenville we got lots of rain, and there had been some localized flooding, but nothing … Continue reading 100 Year Flooding