Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg

Wine Country and Coastal Highway-043
Highway 1 – Pacific Coast Highway

Monday, July 28, 2014

I had no vestiges of my headache. Neither had the wine tasting brought back the sickness from earlier in the day. Laura and I decided to leave the Napa Valley and explore the coast. We drove back up to Calistoga and crossed the mountains over to Santa Rosa. From there we continued on through Sebastopol, then down to the coast and the little town of Bodega.

It had been clear sunshine in Wine Country and across the mountains. We were enjoying the trip with the top back in the convertible. However, as we approached the town we could see clouds of fog gathering along the coast. It looked very ominous.

Wine Country and Coastal Highway-030
Wine Country and Coastal Highway-003

Bodega is a quaint little town. There were some interesting buildings, such as an old church and school. There was quite a bit of activity along the main highway. However, we had a long way to go today, and we didn’t stop for photos. These were shot from the car as we drove. Continue reading “Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg”

Wine Country

Monday, July 28, 2014 It was time to leave Laura’s cousins and head north. We got up early enough to pack the car and have one more excellent breakfast at Bill and Linda’s house. We thanked them for their hospitality, then headed on our way. We weren’t in a rush, though. We waited long enough … Continue reading Wine Country