Mysterious Mayucha and The Wolf Pit

Searching for Mayucha-006

After spending a Night on Bald Mountain (watching the Geminid meteor shower, not listening to Mussorgsky), Keith and I were off to find a couple of ghost towns in Oconee County. We had two locations in mind – Mayucha and Tunnel Hill.

It was still early morning when we left Bald Rock. Our path took us along Highway 11 past Table Rock. There was frost on the fields, and a mist was rising off of Lake Oolenoy.

Frosty Table Rock
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Busy Birthday Weekend

Been a busy weekend – explorations on my birthday, recuperation on Saturday, and a day full of music on Sunday. Saturday’s explorations were so involved that I’m breaking them into three separate blog posts. Writing those up, along with all the links and research, will take some time. I may be done with that mid-week. … Continue reading Busy Birthday Weekend