Christmas Gear

This year we spent Christmas in Greenville. Instead of traveling to Florida like we usually do, Laura’s sister and mother came up to visit us. The foggy Christmas morning was spent opening gifts and relaxing. Since I’ve been so obsessed with time-lapse lately, I decided to do one of our gift giving routine. Here’s a … Continue reading Christmas Gear

Busy Birthday Weekend

Been a busy weekend – explorations on my birthday, recuperation on Saturday, and a day full of music on Sunday. Saturday’s explorations were so involved that I’m breaking them into three separate blog posts. Writing those up, along with all the links and research, will take some time. I may be done with that mid-week. … Continue reading Busy Birthday Weekend

Moon and Venus

This morning I was getting a later start on things. I was taking Laura for a doctor appointment, so that meant I didn’t have to leave the house quite as early. As we were having coffee she looked out our back window and noticed a crescent moon and what I assume to be Venus in … Continue reading Moon and Venus