If you build a dam here…

While kayaking on Parr Shoals Reservoir last Saturday, Alan and I started discussing lakes in general. Specifically we were talking about the placement of dams and the hydrology of water backing up to fill in the space. We laughed at one of the last scenes of “O Brother, Where Art Thou“, where the lake comes … Continue reading If you build a dam here…

Paddling Parr Shoals

Saturday Laura had to meet with new advisees at Furman, so Alan and I decided to do some paddling. We wanted to find a place that was fairly close to Greenville, and that we hadn’t paddled before. I’ve had my eye on Parr Shoals, just east of Prosperity, for some time now and that’s where … Continue reading Paddling Parr Shoals

Social Marketing Gone Awry

So, Shell Oil decided that they would embark on a new marketing campaign to promote drilling in the Arctic. The campaign, entitled “Let’s Go”, let’s users create their own marketing slogans using a series of photo templates. We at Shell want everyone to feel as “pumped” as we do about freeing much-needed Arctic resources. After … Continue reading Social Marketing Gone Awry

Yard Portal

I was out in our backyard cutting grass when I spotted this enormous hole in the bank leading down to the lowest level of our yard. The hole is about 40 feet from our lake, but about four feet above lake level in the bank. Its about 10 inches across, and depth is hard to … Continue reading Yard Portal

UTC12 Retrospective

This past week I participated in the Upstate Technology Conference, put on by the Greenville County School District.  UTC has been going on for many years now, but this is the first time I’ve participated.  This is time of year I’m either taking a vacation, or heading to the ISTE conference, or I’m swamped with … Continue reading UTC12 Retrospective

Local Paddling Venues

After a spring full of multiple paddling trips, some on consecutive Saturdays, we finally had a weekend to ourselves with no paddling trips planned. Well, actually, I could have gone with my Lowcountry Unfiltered friends to Little Tybee Island on Saturday, but Laura and I really needed a weekend to ourselves at home. Even so, … Continue reading Local Paddling Venues