America’s Pub and Grub

I was looking for a new place to try for dinner, so I turned to Urbanspoon to see if there was someplace close to home I had overlooked. Since I’d had a large Italian meal last night, I was more in the mood for sandwiches or something lighter tonight. America’s Pub and Grub popped up, … Continue reading America’s Pub and Grub

Paddling to Columbia

I’ve always been intrigued by the Broad River, especially the stretch starting at the Peak trestle. It looks like it would be a great paddling venue, but unfortunately public access points are few and far between. The next access point downstream from Peak is Harbison State Forest, near Columbia. Alan wanted to do a trip … Continue reading Paddling to Columbia

Blog Migration Complete

It’s done. I now have more control over my online destiny. Today I migrated my domain name,, to a host that gives me more flexibility and management – Godaddy, of all things. First, the saga of the blog… My old web hosting company was Accuwebhosting. It was an absolute pain in the posterior, as … Continue reading Blog Migration Complete

Whither Photography?

A long time ago I used to do calligraphy. I was pretty good at it, and picked up some spare change by doing place cards for wedding receptions, invitations, and a couple of framed pieces. I didn’t do anything fancy – just basic Old English and script fonts. I had the correct pens, and that … Continue reading Whither Photography?

Sparkleberry Perfection

A second Saturday in May, and time for another Lowcountry Unfiltered trip. This time our group was heading back to Sparkleberry Swamp, and we had perfect weather and water levels for it. Unfortunately, because there was perfect weather, many of our group had other places to be. So, only four brave souls ventured further into … Continue reading Sparkleberry Perfection

O Freunde, nicht diese Töne

To Joy Joy, thou beauteous godly lighting, Daughter of Elysium, Fire drunken we are ent’ring Heavenly, thy holy home! Thy enchantments bind together, What did custom stern divide; Every man becomes a brother, Where thy gentle wings abide. Be embrac’d, ye millions yonder! Take this kiss throughout the world! Brothers—o’er the stars unfurl’d Must reside … Continue reading O Freunde, nicht diese Töne

Telecom Scam

Yesterday several of our schools received an invoice similar to the one above. The invoice is for a service agreement that “covers preventative maintenance on all telecom system equipment, including, [sic] telephone instruments, switches, routers, & cabling.” The bill was for $425, and since it included technology equipment, it wound up on my desk. Of … Continue reading Telecom Scam