Trestles to Trails

Tuesday I had one of my quarterly meetings in Columbia with the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA) Tech Leaders’ Roundtable. I normally try to drop in to visit my mom on the way back from these trips, but this time she was out and about. So, instead, I decided to see if I … Continue reading Trestles to Trails

A Stonecutter’s Tale

I first noticed this when we made our trek to the Promised Land with Glynda and Houston. At Cedar Springs ARP Church several of the more elaborate headstone slabs in the cemetery had the carver/artist’s name inscribed at the bottom. Then, when Dwight and his family traveled with me to Kingsville in Lower Richland County … Continue reading A Stonecutter’s Tale

Remembering Dave

Monday morning we learned of the passing of David Pass, fellow singer and long-time manager of the Greenville Chorale.  Dave sat next to me in rehearsal for many years, and usually stood next to me in concerts.  In addition to being an excellent singer, he had a quick wit, and was always ready with a … Continue reading Remembering Dave

A New Camera Strategy

My new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 arrived yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to really put it through its paces, but so far I’m impressed with the few photos I have taken. The LX5 won out over a whole slew of contenders, and the decision to get it means a new strategy for my day-to-day photography. … Continue reading A New Camera Strategy

Taming the Tyger

Saturday I joined 191 fellow kayakers for the 13th annual Tame the Tyger river race. The race is sponsored by the Tyger River Foundation and the Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation Department. I’ve run the Tyger River several times, but have never participated in the Tame the Tyger event. It falls on the second Saturday … Continue reading Taming the Tyger

Camera Dilemma

The camera gods have not been smiling upon me lately. On our recent excursion to Shoals Junction my trusty Nikon D50 DSLR’s mirror got locked in the UP position for several panic-filled minutes. The camera was already showing its age, and I’ve been putting away a bit of cash for a replacement, but the incident … Continue reading Camera Dilemma