More Obsessions and New Tools

Photo by Flickr photographer markemark4 I have yet another location-based obsession, possibly even several more. First it was fire towers, then old schools, and lately it’s been ghost towns. You would think I’d have enough abandoned historic stuff to go traipsing about the countryside to photograph and document. But wait! There’s still more! While visiting … Continue reading More Obsessions and New Tools

Geocaching on Lake Marion

Another second Saturday, and it was time for another epic paddling trip with Lowcountry Unfiltered. This one was truly epic. This time our explorations took us to the eastern part of Lake Marion to do some geocaching around Persanti Island. Our launching point was Carolina King Landing, just north of the Santee National Wildlife Refuge. … Continue reading Geocaching on Lake Marion

Renno and Stomp Springs

Last weekend Glynda and I headed down to Prosperity to visit our parents, and on the way back we stopped by a couple of remote places in Laurens County. These spots are places our family has visited long, long ago. Back then they were already abandoned, but there was still lots to see. Today, however, … Continue reading Renno and Stomp Springs

Teasers and Spoilers

Got lots to write about, but I’ve been too busy to blog lately. I’m hoping to take today to catch up on several posts. These may seem a bit out of sync as to when they actually occurred, but that’s tough. Anyway, here are a few teasers and spoilers of things to come… Kayaking Took … Continue reading Teasers and Spoilers

GNIS Dilemma

The Geographic Names Information System(GNIS) is one of the greatest boons to those of us who love maps. It’s an extensive database of place names created by the US Geological Survey, and includes cities, towns, communities, crossroads, schools, churches, mountains, rivers, etc,. etc. Basically, any place in the US that has a name is in … Continue reading GNIS Dilemma