A Birth, a Marriage, Family, and a Death

This has been one of those weeks when momentous occasions have come so fast a furious that I haven’t had time to blog about them. Each deserved its own post, but before I could put thoughts to ether, something else huge would come along. There was everything from national to international events, local and family events, the chance to slow down for a minute or two, and the chance to drive really, really fast around a track in expensive cars. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to short-change all of these and just give each a few blurb sentences, if for no other reason than to mark their passing.

A Birth

So, Obama finally released his long form birth certificate. Big deal. This issue was already over when the short form was released, as was legally required. As expected, some have already started denouncing this certificate as fake. My response? These people have brought serious charges, and now the burden of proof is on them. If you think it’s fake, then you’re more than welcome to visit Hawaii (at your expense) to prove your case.

This “birther” issue is nonsense. It’s a distraction. If you disagree with Obama’s policies, that’s one thing. But to continue this conspiracy makes you an idiot, plain and simple – no argument allowed. (And, no, I won’t allow any blog comments in argument.) Funny thing, though. These same “birthers” are probably the same ones that wanted to revoke that requirement so that Arnold Schwarzenegger could run a few years ago. This argument would be for naught if that had passed. Continue reading “A Birth, a Marriage, Family, and a Death”