Exploring Chappells

One my posts that seems to get the most hits and generates the most discussion is the one on the Ghost Towns of South Carolina. In that post I mentioned that probably weren’t many true ghost towns, but only near-ghost towns — towns with a dying city center, but a thriving community around it. Monday … Continue reading Exploring Chappells

Balloon Chasing

Memorial Day means Freedom Weekend Aloft is in town. This is the 29th year of the festival, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been around that long. We decided we would head down this evening and see if we could spot some of the balloons. FWA started out as a July 4th holiday, and … Continue reading Balloon Chasing

Rapturous Music

I’m falling a bit behind in my blogging. I would claim that it was, indeed, another busy weekend with concerts, birthday parties, family illness, and all the other things that go into keeping a person hopping. Actually, I thought about giving up blogging all together since the world was supposed to end last Saturday, but … Continue reading Rapturous Music

Aunt Grace’s 90th

Saturday was my Aunt Grace’s 90th birthday. My cousin John held a surprise birthday party for her at his house, and many of the Ellenberg cousins gathered for the bash. My mother, Aunt Ann, Aunt Lois, and Aunt Grace were all present for the event. Of course there was cake and munchies for the crowd. … Continue reading Aunt Grace’s 90th

Busy Spring Weekend

It seems like every weekend this spring has been a busy one, with kayaking, family visits, festivals, and performances. This one was no different. In addition to our outing Friday night to Northampton Wines, this was the weekend for Artisphere and Chip’s Big Pig Gig. I started Saturday morning by heading downtown. My first stop … Continue reading Busy Spring Weekend

Wine Tasting 101

Laura and I were ready for a date night. We had both been so busy that we needed an evening off to ourselves. Unfortunately, this was also the weekend of Artisphere, so we were pretty certain that most of our favorite downtown restaurants would be inaccessible. I got home at my usual time Friday afternoon, … Continue reading Wine Tasting 101

Brood 19

Our outings lately have sounded like something from a season of the X-File. A couple of weeks ago we went in search of Blue Ghosts, and last night we went in search of Brood XIX of the thirteen-year cicadas. I had heard these insects last Saturday on my kayaking trip on Lake Greenwood. The noise … Continue reading Brood 19