Cool 3D Tools

Dogwood Anaglyph

I’ve discovered a treasure trove of 3D tools. Japanese developer Muttyan has put together HUGE collection of applications for viewing and creating stereoscopic images and videos. These include side-by-side stereographs as well as anaglyphs using a variety of color and polarizing schemes.

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 7.31.06 AM

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I first stumbled onto the site looking for a way to create 3D views of Google Earth.  I had wondered if there was a way to create an off-set image that could be converted to anaglyphs.  I found Muttyan’s Stereo Google Earth page, and started exploring.

This page uses two instances of the Google Earth plugin to present side-by-side images of chosen locations.  I started with an overhead screen capture, such as this one of downtown Greenville… Continue reading “Cool 3D Tools”