Fifty Years of Singing

This weekend the Greenville Chorale celebrates the opening of its Fiftieth Anniversary Season with a concert this Saturday at the Peace Center. On the repertoire is the first piece that the Chorale did in its very first season – The Brahms German Requiem. Also up are two pieces commissioned for the event by local composers … Continue reading Fifty Years of Singing

Paddling to Newry

Several weeks ago the Greenville Canoe and Kayak Meetup group had a paddling trip on Lake Hartwell up to the community of Newry in Oconee County. I had planned to go, but came down with a ferocious head cold and had to miss the trip. I had been looking forward to it, and was quite … Continue reading Paddling to Newry

Photoshop versus Aviary

…or… versus So, here was the challenge – could a technically intricate image created in Photoshop (top image) be replicated using the suite of tools (bottom image)?

Shiloh Methodist

Several weeks ago I wrote about the prevalence of Biblical place names in South Carolina. One of the place names that keep popping up was “Shiloh.” It’s probably best known as a Civil War battleground in Tennessee. One of my favorite photographic subjects is the old Shiloh School in Anderson County, seen below: Today, I … Continue reading Shiloh Methodist

A Few Google Flaws

The past several posts I’ve been singing the praises of Google. However, all is not perfect in Google Land. There have been the occasional really bad ideas – Google Wave, for example – and the abandonment of some really good ideas, such as Google Notebook. In this post I’m going to stay away from the … Continue reading A Few Google Flaws

Geopackrat Reborn

This is another in the ongoing series of Google experiments I’ve been doing over the past several weeks… If I were starting out on this RandomConnections venture now instead of several years ago, I might be doing things very differently. Given the number of resources available on Google, I’m not sure I would have bothered … Continue reading Geopackrat Reborn