North Carolina Arboretum

Monday was an absolutely stunning day. The air was clear, and the temperatures were much cooler than they had been. We decided to take the convertible up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and have a picnic. We knew it would be crowded with other Labor Day travelers, but we couldn’t resist.

Initially, the drive did not disappoint. The views from the overlooks were much more spectacular with the low humidity. There was a steady stream of traffic, but it wasn’t too bad. We stopped at one overlook for our picnic lunch, then continued on up to Mount Pisgah. That’s where things went crazy.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot for the Mount Pisgah trails, steam started billowing from under the hood. There hadn’t been any other warning. The temperature gauge looked fine. However, something wasn’t right. We opened the hood and let it cool for awhile, then decided to hike along one of the trails for a bit to give it some more time to settle down. We decided that the best thing to do would be to head back down the mountain, since continuing would take us further from civilization. Continue reading “North Carolina Arboretum”

Sunday in the Park with Olivia

Monday is Chip’s birthday. Appropriately enough, he was born on Labor Day 34 years ago. To celebrate, several of us met at the Overlook Grill for a Sunday lunch. However, the day really belonged to little Olivia. Chip and Anna wanted a good photo for Oliva’s upcoming first birthday. Houston and I were happy to oblige, and began a photoshoot camera war in Falls Park.

The day was absolutely spectacular, and lots of people were taking advantage of the nice weather. We found a couple of good locations and started taking pictures.

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An Evening with the Newberry Indi..Wolves

Newberry Play Action

Saturday was the opening day of the college football season. Furman didn’t have a game, so we decided to join the rest of the family to watch my two nephews play their first game with Newberry College. It was also the first time that Newberry would play as the Wolves, having had to change their mascot from the Indians because of NCAA rules.

We started the day with a visit to the parents in Prosperity, then headed up the game. My sister, Ann, had set up a tent, and we had all the fixings for a huge tailgate. Most of my siblings and their families were able to make it to the game and the tailgate

Taylor TailgateTaylor Tailgate Continue reading “An Evening with the Newberry Indi..Wolves”

Nifty Fifty Downtown

Felix Graffiti

It was the “golden hour”, that time in late afternoon when the sunlight filters warmly at an angle covering everything with long, interesting shadows. I hadn’t been out shooting in awhile, so I grabbed my camera and headed downtown.

I parked in the Richardson Street lot behind Mast General Store. Normally on a Thursday night they have Downtown Alive and the place is hopping, but this evening it seemed to be dead. It could be that the series has just ended for the summer, but it could also be that construction in the area has disrupted civic activities.

I started out with my camera and the 18-200 zoom lens, and picked up my little SlikStick tripod to take with me. I had walked about two blocks and had taken only a few shots when I spotted that my battery was just about dead. Not good. I headed back to the car to pick up my spare.

Back at the car I made a quick decision. I swapped out my zoom lens, opting instead for my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. With the faster lens I could leave my tripod behind and not have to lug it down the street. I also wanted to spend some time with this lens. I’m always shooting with the big zoom, so I thought it would be fun to try something different. Continue reading “Nifty Fifty Downtown”