Crowded Cunningham

I hadn’t planned to go paddling this weekend. However, someone posted a last-minute trip on the Greenville Canoe and Kayak Meetup group for Lake Cunningham, and I made a last-minute decision to join them. It turned out to be really last minute, because I overslept, and almost didn’t make it.  Fortunately, Lake Cunningham is close, … Continue reading Crowded Cunningham

Sustainability, Greenability, and Misunderstandings

Three seemingly unrelated tales of environmental misunderstanding… When I was playing disc golf at Furman Sunday afternoon I noticed something unusual. There were weeds everywhere and the place looked badly overgrown. This was most noticeable around several of the park benches and picnic tables around the lake. Furman usually keeps immaculate grounds. Not a blade … Continue reading Sustainability, Greenability, and Misunderstandings

Disc Golf at Furman

Back last spring Furman University put up an official disc golf course. Sunday was a beautiful (albeit, hot) day, so I decided to spend the afternoon playing a round. Background As a student here a quarter of a century ago we played quite a lot of Frisbee golf. We used standard-sized Frisbees (there was no … Continue reading Disc Golf at Furman

Online Tonal Toys

A random link led me to a series of fantastic tonal toys. Some of these are simply diversions, and some are elaborate programs that can be used to create amazing compositions. Here’s a quick run-down of what I found… Pulsate Think wind chimes. This little Flash app by Andre Michelle is hypnotic and addictive. Clicking … Continue reading Online Tonal Toys

Stormy Edisto

Second Saturday of the month, and once again LowCountry Unfiltered is back on the Edisto. This time we did the section from Stokes Bridge down to Mars Old Field Landing. We had done this one once before, so we were covering somewhat familiar ground. This was by far the largest group we’ve had, with fifteen … Continue reading Stormy Edisto

Bring Your Own Bandwidth

While in Washington State last week I didn’t have good Internet access. Laura’s mom still uses AOL dial-up. Neighbor Duff offered access to his WiFi, but we were just out of range. So this was the perfect chance to try tethering my laptop to my HTC Android phone. It worked brilliantly! I had explored several … Continue reading Bring Your Own Bandwidth

Washington Wrap-Up

We’re back home, after an arduous trek across the country. Our flight across country was uneventful – that is, until we got to Atlanta. Our plane apparently had finicky landing gear, which is something you DON’T want to mess around with. We finally got home at 1:00 am, and I had to get up at … Continue reading Washington Wrap-Up