Elegy for a Truck

It seems that we have had to let go of several things we cherish in the past year or so, things that no longer had a good quality of life, such as our very old cats. Such is the case with my faithful Toyota pickup truck. I got word that the engine is completely shot. … Continue reading Elegy for a Truck

The Northern Hemisphere Games

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC, are just a week away. The airwaves have already been pelted with Olympic-themed commercials. Watching all of this brought some questions to mind… In 2000 the “Summer” Olympics were in Sydney, and in 1956 they were in Melbourne.  This being the case, were they really “Summer” Olympics?  … Continue reading The Northern Hemisphere Games

Defying Gravity

For Laura’s birthday in October I had gotten her tickets to the traveling show of the musical “Wicked,” which is supposed to be the untold story of the witches of OZ. The show started at the Peace Center last week, and our tickets were for Sunday evening. It turned out to be an absolute blast! … Continue reading Defying Gravity