New Arrivals

We had two significant arrivals this weekend from Florida. Laura’s mother arrived for her annual visit. She will be staying with us through Christmas, as she usually does. The other visitor will be with us on a more permanent basis. We have adopted Percy, a cat that showed up at Amy’s house over the summer … Continue reading New Arrivals

Fall TV

Watching television used to be so simple. You got three, maybe four channels from which to choose. Then there were the shows themselves. Each episode could stand alone. There were none of the these long story arcs where you would be lost if you missed an episode or so. I completely understand the logic behind … Continue reading Fall TV

Owls and the Moon

Sunday night the moon was spectacular – almost, but not quite full, with enough of a terminator line to highlight features on the lunar surface. I grabbed my camera and Celestron C90 telescope and headed out to the front yard to snap a few shots. I started with a 2X multiplier, but the camera shake … Continue reading Owls and the Moon


In case your Cyrillic is rusty, the title of this post is from Psalm 104, “Praise the Lord, O My Soul”, and is one of the pieces that make up part of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. This weekend we performed the piece with the Greenville Chorale on Sunday afternoon at First Baptist Church. This was a … Continue reading ??????????-????-???